River Days

River Days

Below you will find some international days celebrating rivers and waters in Canada and around the world. Each day has a special significance and reminds us of the important role rivers play in our ecosystems and in our lives.

World Water Day – March 22nd

World Water Day is observed internationally and acknowledges the importance of clean, accessible water as a human right. This day is to raise awareness for the lack of access to water in some parts of the world and a call for global action to help provide this access. In Canada, we are fortunate to have our rivers and lakes that provide access to freshwater, and many other rivers around the world provide this same access to freshwater for their ecosystems. 


Canadian Rivers Day – June, Second Sunday

This day began in 2002 to promote public awareness of the Canada’s rivers and the role we play in preserving them. Participating in Canadian Rivers Day spreads the message that rivers play an irreplaceable role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.


World Rivers Day – September, Fourth Sunday

World Rivers Day celebrates the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values that rivers have around the world and the role that they play for a healthy planet. World Rivers Day strives to increase public awareness about what people can do to help rivers around the world, and encourages actions to be taken for their sustainability.